Monday, February 15, 2010

The new shoes from my new SPONSOR, New Balance Logo New Balance of Knoxville worked well for the Strawberry Plains Half Marathon on Saturday!

That's right! the good folks at New Balance of Knoxville have decided to hook me up with gear this year! I ran the Half in my New Balance 1065s. Great neutral shoe with lots of cushioning for lots of miles.
My other sponsor is another locally owned shop named The Health Shoppe. These guys are awesome too! Eddy, the owner, and his team have worked with a bunch of top level athletes over the years and I am honored to have his support... uh...not that I'm one of his top level athletes...
I came in mid pack with a time of 1:51.52 or about 8.5 minute miles. Not bad. Not my fastest, but I was just out to have a good time and not really race since I did the Mountain Mist 50k three weeks ago.
The next day Jack and I decided to hit the trails for a bit of a 'recovery run'. It was much more of a training run for me. I did get to try out my new, NB 875 trail runners and they are awesome! It was pretty slick out there but these shoes really don't slip. We only did one of the hills at I.C.King so our millage count was about 6.5. We picked up the pace in the last mile or so and by the end were hitting it pretty hard!
Overall, I'm really pleased with my progress this year. To run a half marathon with a 8.5min. pace one day and then a strong trail run the next is pretty cool! I am feeling much stronger!
The Plan for the next couple of weeks is to take it relatively easy and run around 20-25 miles a week. This will allow me to recover before my next ultra run.
Stay tuned for more info on that one!

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