Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Well... here it is, the week of my first race of this season. The Recover from the Holidays 50k.

On Thursday morning at 4:30 I'll meet Jack for the ride down to Huntsville, Al. Am I ready? not sure. I think I'll be fine but we all know that the chef is his own worst critic.
It is fun running through all the mental check lists... food? do I have all the gu's I need? bananas? peanut butter and honey, and banana sandwiches? Gatorade? Water? should I take an extra pair of socks?
Its all kind of fun and I do enjoy the organization of it all!

So next time I write I'll be talking about the race! Thank you to everyone who is so supportive of my endeavors. I truly am grateful.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

21 miles at I.C. King today!
3:53.53. 11min. 8 sec. miles average. 25 degrees at the start!

Matt, Atch and I set out for a great run! These are great guys and true friends...

Today was tough. I completed a total of 3 laps each one about 7 miles. The trails that we ran today are very hilly though you can opt out of the hills and go around the bottom of each. On each lap you can climb a total of 5 hills two of which you would run in both directions. According to the link above the total elevation gain is about 800ft per lap. I did opt out on two of the climbs on the last lap so it looks like I climbed about 2,080 ft. Doesn't really sound like much but these climbs are pretty steep.

Atch and Matt were fantastic to have out there! We started in the cold. It hurt it was so cold. Its always kind of tricky to wear enough clothing to not freeze but also so that when you get warmed up you don't burn up. So we did the first lap together...mostly. Atch is very strong and shot ahead of Matt and I. That lap was easy. Lap 2 Matt and I ran together... quick side note, Matt has not been training much at all and other than a few 5 milers and one 11 miler a couple of weeks ago, he has not run much. So he finished the second lap strong, and at 14 miles completed an Awsome run! Great job Matt! Atch had shot ahead here and there for picture opportunities and finished that lap strong as well. On lap 3 Atch set out with me and got me to the base of the first climb before he headed for the truck. I went on to climb the first 3 climbs fairly strong but after a longish downhill thought that I would be better off if I did not do the last two.

I was hoping for negative splits today and didn't get them but I did run 21 miles in the hills today and had an amazing crew help me along! We saw "coach" out there and my wife and daughter even met me at the finish! I could not have felt more supported today.

Thank you all for a great day!
( not sure how to get multiple pictures where I want them yet on screen here! grrrr!)