Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti is in a bad way... Portlight is gathering supplies and support as we speak.
They have established relationships already in Port-au-Prince that they have been working with in the past. Once the situation stabilizes in the coming weeks they will start their influx of supplies to the area.
Portlight focuses on the specific needs of People with disabilities (PWD's)especially in the face of natural disasters. In extremely poor countries such as Haiti PWD's are commonly considered the waste of society, so in disasters such as this, it is fair to say that the needs of PWD's are great, and largely forgotten or ignored. Please give if you are able.

Also, if anyone is interested in going to Haiti to help staff a shelter let Portlight know!

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  1. Give Jonathan a call. He REALLY wants to go help in Haiti and if you can get him in with this group I'm sure he would love you forever and maybe even throw that speedo on for ya if you play your cards right.