Monday, January 11, 2010

Twelve days till Mountain Mist 50K! The excitement is growing as is the nervousness. I've been working out in the basement for the last week on my bike trainer (a device that allows you to ride your own bike as a stationary one indoors)and some weights, because its been so cold here.

Did a run at I.C.King on Sunday with Jack and Drew. Felt a bit sluggish and lame yet but it may be because I've not run in over a week, due to the cold and my lack of motivation to run in it!
Mountain Mist is a much harder course then the Recover race was... thus the nervousness. I know I have the ability to finish, but the doubts always creep there way in... the last race was mostly flat, this one is not, will I be recovered enough?...etc...etc. But! I Know these are not valid.

...Just came back from a short run and it felt Great! Ok, maybe The Mist won't be that bad after all!
Stay tuned sports fans.

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