Monday, February 22, 2010

Mount Cheeha 50k on Feb. 27th is not going to happen for me. Bummer. Work, and other factors(read: money) are keeping me away from this one.
I am however, going to run 31+ miles at Norris Watershed on the 28th! Norris is a great place to run. The Knoxville Track Club runs a couple of races there during the year and is holding a 50k there later in the year! I'll be following this course. It's a tough one. Especially solo.

This little solo event will probably be the hardest run of all the 50k's this year. Running this distance in the mountains is difficult enough, but is made much easier with the help of aid stations and 100-300 of other runners out there with you.
Running 50k solo will be a first for me. I will be doing it largely unsupported. This means I need to carry all the water and food I'll need for the day.
I'm looking forward to the challenge. It's going to be a big one...

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  1. I'll tag along on the Norris run if you want a partner. This is Brian ( Michael's friend ). 851 6943