Sunday, March 28, 2010

Knoxville Marathon

Knoxville Marathon = 26.2 miles 4hrs 50some minutes 11.04 ish minute miles.

Not the best result I was hoping for but I'll take it. This was one tough day! Long distance road running is very different from trails.
To start with, running on the road is so much more of a pounding on your body than trails. Sure the hills aren't usually as steep and long but just the constant jarring takes it's toll. My feet hurt.
Secondly, the food is different in road races. In ultra marathons the food you get along the way is things like chips, pretzels, m&m's, cookies...
ok... a quick side note. The FDA says that a typical U.S. diet should consist of around 2000 calories. I eat a lot more than that, day to day, because I burn more than the average person who only needs 2000 calories. During an ultra we might burn as much as 3000 calories just during the event! That's a lot of replacement food needed, so the kind of food served on race day is usually high in calorie, quick burning "junk food" to keep us going.
Food served at marathons are items like Gu... which is something you would never in your life consume during your typical day: It's this stuff that comes in these little packets, which fit easily into a pocket. They usually contain about 110 calories, and have the consistency of ... well... goo. Now don't get me wrong, I use them. A lot. During training and during all longer races, but, to eat only Gu for 4+ hours is not my idea of adequate. I need more in my stomach. So for an almost 5 hour event I had 4 gu's.
The third limiting factor for me is this head and chest funk I've been trying to work out since Oak Mountain. It has been, uh, funky, and I do not feel well. I might be sand bagging a bit but that is how the day went for me. I did not have a bad time. Not at all in fact. It was just a very difficult day.
The Knoxville Track Club (KTC) does a great job! Incredible in fact! All of the volunteers (and there were many) were top notch. A big kudos to them! KTC puts on a ton of events in the area all the time. If you ever want to check out a race either as a participant, volunteer, or just a spectator just click on this events link and pick one...might I suggest a trail race?

So what's next? you might ask. ...thanks for asking! Well reader, it is the Highland Sky 40 miler. in June. This will be my hardest event to date! but more on that later. I have to rest and recover first.

I want to thank some folks, bear with me a moment.
First and fore most: MY CREW:

Without their love and unwavering support absolutely none of this would be possible for me!

Secondly: Coach Jack:

Who's mentorship and coaching and friendship help make me a better person.

Thirdly: my sponsors! New Balance of KnoxvilleNew Balance Logo, Eddie's Health Shoppe, and
Shower In a Bottle! Who so willingly give to my cause! Please give them your business if you need any of their services. These folks offer wonderful products as well as great and knowledgeable customer service!

..and to YOU! Thanks for reading!

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  1. YAYAYAYAYAY! can't wait to read about your next adventure! :) and keep the photos coming! i love em! :)