Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Training again!

So it has only been two weeks off from running but it feels like a really long time! I am happy to report that my training for the Highland Sky 40 miler started today!

5.5ish miles 45min. Felt great to kind of let it all out! Work has been tough lately and there has been hardly any time for my family and 0 time for me so it really felt good just to get out there!

This weekend is the Laurel Assent 11 mile Trail Run. Should be a great run! Matt and I are heading up for this one. It is a fun 5.5 mile climb followed by a 5.5 mile decent. Out and back. It is a fun race. On Sunday I'll be helping with on of the Knoxville Track Clubs, Treaden Trodden Trails race. These are fantastic races and are all on trails of varying distances and difficulties. Great stuff if your new to trails or a seasoned pro! Check out the link to KTC's Events for details! ..and they only cost $10. and you get a shirt!

Also Please check out this site: shower in a bottle sounds like something thats been tried before but I assure you it is not like anything else I've ever tried! I love this stuff! I use it all the time and it works. The owner of the company is a friend of mine and her product works.

Stay tuned...

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  1. Dwayne, What you're doing is SO amazing. It makes me want to run! Cool blog. Aileen