Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hi Gang!
So here's whats up. Nicole, Olivia "the wonder kid", and I are moving to St.Louis.

Nicole has taken a Job at The Principia, a private/ boarding school where she will be "Mom away from Mom" and general mentor for teenage girls. What this means for me is much more family time, free time, and time to develop a few ideas I've been entertaining over the past couple of years! Yes, I am no longer with the company I was with.

So the past month or so has been extremely busy. We have painted the entire interior of our house, which has been rented to a wonderful family. We have pressure washed/sealed the deck and driveway, sold the sailboat, sold the Volvo, packed up everything, and are heading for ole St. Loo on the 1st of August!

On the sports side of things is the St Louis Ultra Runner's Group, or SLUG'S and a HUGH bike racing scene! The cyclocross scene is enormous there as is the road racing scene! Check out the links in this post for details (i.e. what is cyclocross?)

Subsequently, if anyone out there has an online line business, especially for the sale of product, I would love to talk with you at some point. Do you have things manufactured? Have you done market testing? etc...

...super busy, super excited for the coming year! Stay tuned!

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