Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This is the course profile for the Mountain Mist 50k this weekend. I tried to just upload the image to this page so you don't have to go into their site to view it but was not able...

So LOTS of climbing! There are Many more, and steeper, and taller hills in this race so it should prove interesting! I'm ready now! Bring It !

On another note... while I was running this Sunday I was cruising along, not really 'feeling it' and so stopped about 3miles in and was about to turn back. I was doing some thinking... and here are my thoughts:
'really Duey?(a bad nickname I picked up on a boat years ago) really?...this is the best you can do? you don't feel like it? Your not tired. Your not hurt. You just don't feel like it?...and then I realized something I thought was kind of cool!
We owe it to ourselves, and our neighbors, and the world at large to live every minute of our lives to its 100% fullness.
To me this means that in Everything we do we give it 100% effort. Weather it is running, or our spiritual practice, or our jobs, or our interaction with our families, or our interactions with each other as citizens of this world.
Imagine what a great day you would have if in every interaction, with every person you came across, you were totally present to that person, and worked at making that person's experience for those moments better! Imagine this in your workout, or your job! If more of us worked on this every day I'm pretty sure that this world would be a better place for all.

The chaos in Haiti was what set this line of thinking on its course. This is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. These people don't have much. They don't even know the kinds of opportunities we have here in the U.S.. They do have love and hope. If we don't make the most of the opportunities handed to us in each moment we are doing a huge disservice to them, and everyone else, but most importantly to ourselves.
So... I intend to become a better person. To really work at being 100% present to those I have interactions with, and to, in general, give life my all! Every moment!

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  1. Really appreciate your thoughts on being 100% present, Dwayne. I read it aloud to Jon this morning, and we both said: "Yeah, Dwayne!" ;)