Saturday, November 7, 2009

A'live and Running

So it looks like we are live on Portlight.org ! Thanks to Kelly and the Portlight I.T. team we are ready to take donations. Just click on the Run To Help link on their Site and it'll get you right to the proper page. From there just hit the 'Donate' button!

As Ida makes landfall lets not ignore those who will be in need over the coming days/weeks. Portlight has a mobile kitchen capable of 2000 meals per day heading to Destin Fla right now. These efforts take money to accomplish so please give if your able and forward this link to those who may be interested.

The last week of training has gone really well. I started this week with a 15 mile long run at I.C. King, a local park with great trails. Ran well, climbing all the hills twice with a time of 2hrs 36min. Thats about 10min 24sec miles! I'm getting faster thanks to my coach Jack!

The legs feel good today and might be up for the scheduled speed workout tomorrow!

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