Monday, November 30, 2009

18 miles at Haw Ridge! Time was 2:53.43! or about 9min 39 sec miles!

Jack and I, last sunday, went over to the ridge for one of my last long runs before I start to taper for my first race the Recover From the Holidays 50k. It was a great run! Haw Ridge is a great place to run because it has all the hills you could want, including one called 'The Hill of Truth', and there are about 30ish miles of trails out there.

The run was a solid effort. We completed two nine mile loops around the outer rim of the park. The second lap was done faster than the first(called a negative split), and I felt good throughout. Jack had wanted me to take it easy through the whole run but he took off and tried to leave me which only dangled a carrot in front of me. I couldn't just let him get away so easily so I sped up as well. It was fun kind of chasing him through the woods and running really quickly especially near the end of the 18 miles!

So overall the training is going very well and we have reached a point where after next weekend I start to drop my millage so that when the race comes in a few weeks I'll be rested.

The week looks like this: rest Monday and Tues, Easy short run (5miles tops) on Wed, easy run (7-8miles) on Thurs, rest on Fri, 10miles on Sat, and 21miles on Sunday at I.C.King to include all of the hills. I can't wait for my first race!!

They picture is of Jack and I after lap one at the Ridge. As always, Thanks Jack!

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  1. Great report! Sounds like you've got it to go so keep the stoke and remember to rest!