Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Interesting week in training thus far. I have only put in about 20 miles as of Wednesday. The weather kept me in on Tuesday as the remnants of Ida passed through. I got to the Cherokee Blvd this morning around 5:45 for a speed workout but was only able to muster a 5 mile run with only one mile at speed. Sometimes you just have to listen to the body and rest it when it says rest. Tomorrow I have an 8 miler scheduled and after a restful evening I should be ready to hit it hard! Then Friday is a rest day. Saturday is a 8 miler followed by the long run on Sunday of 12-14 miles. It might be good to note here that I walk, on any given day, a minimum of 6, and sometimes as much as 12 miles at work in my retail store! I'm kind of a geek. I bought a pedometer so I could keep track of the walking.

So about the fish...

To the best of my knowledge the image of the fish in the fence is Not photo shopped, nor is it staged.
When I first started this blog I did a number of image searches for various titles centering around hurricanes and other natural disasters. I finally found this image from a search of 'hurricane Ike special needs'. Initially I was laughing so hard that I couldn't even speak! My wife kept saying that I was crazy I was laughing so hard!

I spoke with a close friend in the Charleston area who had a bit of a different take on it. When asked what he thought about the picture he said it was hilarious to him at first, but then he gave it some thought and saw the tragedy and the deeper implications of it all.

How hopeless a situation these fish are in. When you're a fish, and your world is turned so upside down that you become stuck in a chain link fence, that under the most odd circumstances, you would never have the chance to even see much less be near enough to touch and to get wedged in ?!

The stories you hear from victims of disasters be it natural or other wise are not unlike these unfortunate fish. I realize this sounds awfully dramatic but, in the day to day of our lives, don't we tend to forget about those outside of our current focus who are in need of a hand?

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