Sunday, November 15, 2009

" ...sometimes thats how it starts, you just have to bloody yourself up."-Jack K.

This is in the context of jump-starting the fitness required for running as far as I intend to. (Not to be taken literally, the bloody part that is;-)

We were discussing my run this morning of 14 miles on trails with lots of hills. It wasn't an especially good run. Not terrible either. The morning was beautiful, and clear, and warm. Just cool enough to be chilled in short sleeves at the onset, but perfect as you get warmed up. The trails were in great shape, and Piper (photo inset), was ready to roll!
A side note on Piper. She is an amazing trail partner. Fun, energetic, and routinely runs double the mileage I do, due to the fact that she chases squirrels up the sides of the hills we run on.

Sometimes you just don't feel like running 14 miles first thing in the morning, and this was one those mornings for me. But if you wanna reach a goal worth reaching you have to work at it. It was with this mindset that I hit the trail.
The 4 ultra-marathons that I am running this winter are all 50k races(see 'Races Planned' links on side board). That's about 32ish miles. They are all in the mountains, with the exception of the first one that is more of a cross country running course on grass. The real goal, however, is not these races. These are the "jump start" events I'm using to to gear up for a 50 mile race or two by the end of the year.

So I finished the run this morning with a blistered toe and chaffed nipples. Not fun but still all part of the experience. I am so very grateful that I have the opportunity to take on this challenge. I think we truly learn about ourselves when we push the limits of what we think is possible.

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